Tim and Orisk

Battle at Fort Deepcliff
Goblins Attack!

Orisk Stonebeard, Tim the Dwarf and their new tree friend Rohan are called to aid the Stoneward Guard at Fort Deepcliff. It has been besieged by goblins under orders of the “Goblin King.” Mystery surrounds the fight as the Goblin King was slain many years ago by Kromadin, and an organized troop of golbins has not been seen since. The answers suddenly appear in the form of black mist as a cloaked figure wearing a mask and crown shoots Korisk Stonebeard with a magic crossbow. He disappears as swiftly as he came as the Stonebeards rush Korisk back to their hold in hopes to save him.

The Creepy Cavern
Eat Spiders. Gain Courage!

Orisk Stonebeard and Tim the Dwarf were on the hunt for some ladies to hire for the bar, and so found themselves in Hammerfast. Rohan the Wilden, seeking adventure, decided to join them. While there they found out that The Foolhardy Boys had taken two fine ladies to the Creepy Cavern in search of the Mystic Hollow, however, they have been gone for some time.

Our adventurers were ambushed by spiders, assaulted some ettercaps, and rescued some maidens. it was too late however for the Foolhardy Boys. Sensing an air of destiny, Tim discovered the Mystic Hollow, concealed behind the ettercaps’ lair. Within he found a mysterious cube which upon breaking bestowed upon him magical armor.

Ant Problems
Tim Fucking Hates Ants

Our heroes kill a bunch of ants including a hive queen. Orisk finds a magic hammer.

Warforged Highwayman
Enter Tim

Orisk Stonebeard decides he wants to open up his own bar, but he needs funds. So he takes Tim the Dwarf for some extra muscle to help him hunt a bounty: the warforge highwayman.

Old Bones
Enter Quill

After a night of heavy celebratory drinking, our “hero”, Orisk Stonebeard, had a dream. Kromadin came to him and told him he needs to take his magic friend, Quill Stillwater and investigate his grave. It is then Orisk is awoken by his father, Korisk Stonebeard, who barges in, telling him that the town is being attacked by skeletons and he needs to get the fuck up and get his hammer. After dealing with the skeletons, Orisk and Quill go through Kromadin’s grave until they find the goblin hexer responsible, Grinsk.

The Rat King
The Solo Adventure

Orisk Stonebeard and his twin sister Oriska Stonebeard were on one of their adventures just outside of Stoneward. While Orisk went off to take a leak, Oriska was kidnapped by The Rat King! Orisk charged in, hammering goblins and rats alike to take down the “king”, his wretched dire rat mount, and rescue his sis.


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